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Title: The Mummy (1999)
I was looking for: Cheesy Fantasy Epic, Action/Adventure, Brendan Fraser
I got: Cheesy Fantasy Epic, Action/Adventure, Rachel Weisz, Oded Fehr, John Hannah

The Mummy is completely unashamed of itself, and I love it. Everyone should watch this movie. The elements it uses are in every movie of this type – exotic locations, pretty girls, curses, the end of the world – but there's a refusal to take itself seriously, and it's pretty great.

I'd never seen Rachel Weisz in anything before this, and I was expecting Evie to be fairly standard epic heroine material, but she's really the diamond in the rough in this movie – she's a little naïve, perhaps, but she's surprisingly likeable, and more of an independent character than I thought I would see. She's not Lara Croft, but she can take care of herself, or is at least willing to try. What I wouldn't give, though, for a woman who throws the punches and a scholarly man cowering behind her. Oh well. Maybe later. She's so adorable, though, and brave, and smart about being brave; stubborn, too, though I count that as a good thing, and surprisingly good-looking on top of a camel. John Hannah's great as the comic relief, and actually lives through the whole movie, which was a bit of a shocker, and Brendan Fraser and Oded Fehr make great eye candy. Also, he has really great hair.

Unfortunately, the CGI's not great. And it bothers me. I am visual, it's what drives me, and sometimes I just can't watch.

I'm also not really interested in being preached to, as much as I like to see bad people get what's coming to them, and I could have lived without the flesh-eating scarabs entirely.

It's a very successful movie overall, though, in that it hits what it's aiming at and doesn't overreach, which is sometimes a problem for large-scale movies.

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