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[personal profile] callydid2010-03-28 12:48 am

The Mummy

Title: The Mummy (1999)
I was looking for: Cheesy Fantasy Epic, Action/Adventure, Brendan Fraser
I got: Cheesy Fantasy Epic, Action/Adventure, Rachel Weisz, Oded Fehr, John Hannah

You have to understand, I love cheesy fantasy. )
aislinn: Cougar and Jensen on their knees, cuffed (Default)
[personal profile] aislinn2010-03-27 11:05 pm

The Mummy

Title: The Mummy (1999)
What I was looking for: Adventure, mummies, Brendan Fraser in a good haircut
What I found: All of that and so much more than I was expecting

Why I own this movie on DVD... )