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Ace and Cally

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Created on 2010-03-28 01:49:32 (#493341), last updated 2010-03-28 (390 weeks ago)

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Name:Ace and Cally
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Community description:Movie reviews for people who can't stand critics
Ace: likes everything, from horror to rom-coms to action-adventure. Will squee about actors she likes, explosions she likes, and pretty cinematography. Wears slash goggles but can be remarkably naive about relationships on screen. Will rant about plot holes, misogyny, and crappy effects until the cows come home.

Cally: really likes explosions. And sword-and-sorcery. And cats. Is less enthusiastic about drama and things that make her wince in sympathy. Has a strange, strange affection for animated movies. Is rather more concise than is proper.

A Better Mousetrap: a place for reviews of movies that aren't based on whatever nebulous criteria regular critics are looking for. Sometimes we just want to see stuff blow up. Other times we just want to play MST3K with the movies. This is a place for us to tell you if the movie gave us what we were looking for. Really, a good explosion is worth its weight in gold.
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